Friday, January 2, 2009

100% Fix and Flip Financing

100% Fix and Flip Loans

13.5% Interest Only
12 Month Term
4% Origination Fee >$100,000
5% Origination Fee <$100,000 Up to 70% ARV (After Renovation Value) 100% LTC (Loan to Cost) Requirements:
$13,000 - $15,000 Liquid Cash Reserves
580+ Credit Score

- Qualifying Documentation
Personal Financial Statement
Tri-Merge Credit Report
Bank Statements – Personal and Corporate – (3) Months
Tax Returns – Personal and Corporate – (2) Years

- Loan Documentation
Purchase Contract – Executed
Construction Budget
Builder’s Risk Insurance
Appraisal – After Renovation Value
Title Commitment

ThunderHeart Financial Partners
110 16th Street, Suite 1400
Denver, Colorado 80202

Michael Burritt
Managing Partner

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